What is a photoelectron?

Photoelectrons are heat-collecting and heat-retaining fibers that radiate far-infrared rays by efficiently using body temperature. Photoelectrons are a general term for free electrons that absorb the energy of light by the photoelectric effect and are emitted to the outside from the surface of a substance, and electrons that remain inside a solid but are excited to contribute to conduction. High-purity fine particle ceramics, etc. are uniformly dispersed and mixed in the photoelectrons by our original technology, which has a very large surface area. In this way, the body temperature emitted from the human body absorbs heat and effectively radiates far infrared rays to the body. While keeping the skin surface warm with far infrared rays and body temperature, it is possible to eliminate the feeling of coldness due to water evaporation and maintain a comfortable environment.

What is Photoelectron® Fiber?

光電子毛布Photoelectron ® is a heat-collecting and heat-retaining fiber that efficiently radiates far infrared rays in the body temperature range. It is a material that keeps the body warm by using body temperature. The source of warmth is the wearer’s body temperature. You can get a warm and gentle warmth. * Optoelectronic® is a registered trademark of Farbest Co., Ltd.
●”Photoelectron ®” is a material that efficiently radiates body temperature. (Far infrared material) ●The fine particle ceramics contained in “Photoelectron ®” absorb body temperature, warm the fibers, and keep them warm. ●”Koden ®” keeps the body temperature and provides a comfortable environment in clothes that is kind to the body.

Fiber that efficiently radiates far infrared rays in the body temperature range

Photoelectron® fibers use their body temperature to radiate far infrared rays. The heat retention effect of far infrared rays supports the body temperature rhythm that adapts to the environment without cooling the body. In addition, it is a high-performance material that controls the temperature and humidity inside clothes, prevents stuffiness, and is comfortable all year round.

Photoelectron ® structure

By evenly kneading high-purity ultrafine particle ceramics into the fiber using our unique technology, it has a large surface area and enhances the absorption and radiation action of far infrared rays.

Features of photoelectrons

The greatest feature of photoelectrons is the natural warmth created by the wearer’s own body temperature. You can feel the natural warmth due to the action of far infrared rays. Body temperature here is not the heat transmitted when you touch the skin directly, but the far infrared rays emitted from the human body. Photoelectrons utilize far infrared rays to directly keep the human body warm, creating a comfortable warmth and keeping the warmth comfortable.

Smooth and comfortable wearing feeling

THE NORTH FACESince photoelectrons have the function of assisting the evaporation of water using far infrared rays, they reduce the increase in humidity inside clothes due to sweating in a short time compared to ordinary underwear. Even after exercising or working, it suppresses the rise in humidity inside clothes due to sweating, making it a smooth and dry feeling. You don’t have to worry about getting cold because you can quickly release the humidity. I think it’s a trick !? Although optoelectronics are highly functional by themselves, they can be further enhanced by combining them with different materials. For example, “Photoelectron ® batting”, which is a combination of polyester synthetic batting and photoelectrons, is considerably lighter than general batting and boasts high heat retention. There are many other variations, such as the “Photoelectronic® Tricot” combined with a thin and highly elastic tricot, and the “Photoelectronic® Fleece” combined with a fleece. The natural warmth and dry feeling of photoelectrons remain the same. And by adding the merits of different materials, we can create a high-performance hybrid material that has never been seen before.

Five actions on optoelectronic fibers

Relaxation effect Reduces fatigue, improves antioxidant power and reduces active oxygen Improve sleep quality Increased energy consumption Increased basal metabolism relax

Precautions for optoelectronic products

Optoelectronic products are very convenient materials with excellent moisture release performance and body temperature regulation function. However, the heat generation performance is not so high, and it may not be possible to fully exert its effect in places with intense cold air such as extremely cold regions. As I explained earlier, optoelectronic materials achieve warmth by radiating far infrared rays emitted from our bodies. The fabric itself does not generate heat. But I don’t want you to take this precaution negatively.

“Optical electron” that demonstrates its performance

We will also tell you the great things about optoelectronics and the points to note. In the summer, the stuffiness caused by sweat after exercising evaporates, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. And in winter, it makes good use of its body temperature, absorbs the heat energy and radiates it to keep the body warm and natural. It is a very convenient material that realizes stress-free comfort in your daily life. 光電子繊維で快眠
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